Pro-Life & Pro-Choice?

When considering the pro-life and pro-choice arguments which are often presented, I find it interesting that a lot of people lose sight of the real reason why abortion should be made illegal. Biblically speaking, it is simply wrong to murder an innocent human being, so there are no circumstances where abortion is OK.

When you yoke yourself with a PRO-LIFE group which DOES NOT derive their basis for knowledge and morality from the revealed scriptures and faith in Christ alone, but rather, from the tradition of men, you run the risk of offering poor argument for legislation. In fact, even if the arguments offered are convincing, you still may be arguing illogically or invalidly. There will be plenty of very intelligent non-believers ready to jump on your hypocrisy and irrationality. Another problem comes from the approach that would be considered “pragmatism.” In essence, this is the idea that you can achieve your desired result through some means.

Let me cite the example which is currently in my mind. I’ve seen legislation offered (like Ohio’s heartbeat bill which no Christian should support) which attempts to somehow reduce abortions. The goal is not to declare that the unborn are, in fact, people, nor is it to protect all unborn life. The goal is simply to reduce abortions. Often, I’ve seen it argued that it is a “step in the right direction.” Unfortunately, these types of bills do more harm than good. Precedents are set which actually make some abortions legally more legitimate than they already are considered. Loopholes abound in these bills.

People who understand the Bible and depravity know that men (and women) will find a way to kill babies regardless of the laws.

So the big question becomes: IF we were actually able to label the unborn as persons LEGALLY, how would we prosecute abortionists and people who have abortions? Would they all be tried as murderers? Would “baby daddy’s” who throw money at the problem be co-conspirators? Assuming all clinics are shut down, wouldn’t women just end up having “back alley” abortions resulting in poor sanitation and the loss of more lives due to the lack of sterilization and safe locations for abortions?

These are all questions that have no relevancy to the real issue. The real issue is that it doesn’t matter whether people will still have abortions or not. My goal is not to prevent abortion, per se, with legislation. I am pro-life…but more specifically, I am pro-choice too! I believe everyone should be allowed to make choices. But let me further qualify my position. I am PRO-CHOICE-WITH-CONSEQUENCES. I believe that people ought to be free to choose to violate the law!

In cases where the illegal act can be prevented, those in authority and/or brave men may prevent the evil altogether! In cases where the illegal act is discovered after commission, the accused person(s) will receive due process.

I have no problem labeling every aborting mother, doctor, nurse, secretary and funding party as a murderer guilty of pre-meditated homicide and susceptible to the law of the land’s sentence for that crime. It doesn’t really matter to me if this ends up acting as a deterrent to other potential aborters or not. I am not in control of man’s depravity or God’s grace in the lives of sinners. I cannot prevent people from lying or stealing or fornicating or blasphemy or idolatry either. My main point is that the fact that we may not actually be able to prove we can prevent abortions is not a reason that abortion (murder) should be legal. My secondary point is that attempts at legislation which are designed to limit “some abortions” or “certain types of abortions” ultimately, in my opinion, do more harm than good and end up saving no one. They simply legitimize some abortions!

I love Jesus Christ and if there is one thing that He most certainly loves it is children, babies included; so I love babies too. I trust that the preaching of the gospel and fervent prayer are the two greatest acts that anyone can do on behalf of the unborn. Pleading with potential aborters, sniping doctors and passing laws will all have some temporary effect, but hearts transformed by the reality of Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is what will really last for eternity anyway.

Please note that I am in no way advocating violence toward abortionists. It is a sad reality that some misguided pro-lifers have chosen the hypocritical road by resorting to murder themselves. Without repentance, we can likely assume these folks will suffer the same fate as the very abortionists whose lives they extinguished.

Nor am I saying you ought not plead with mother’s to avoid abortion! Please don’t misunderstand me. I do believe we ought to help educate people who are ignorant about abortion and plead for the lives of the unborn, just as you would try to talk a friend out of a plan to steal from work or commit adultery.

Dear brother or sister: be rational, be pro-life and be ready to explain why we believe what we believe and how willing we are to accept whatever consequence there is to adhering to those beliefs. Leave the results in God’s hands; He will do what is right.

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