Last night I had the kids at AWANA read Psalms 126.  6 verses divided among 6 of the kids with the rest listening and reading along.   Then I made a big deal about the fact that they had just read a WHOLE chapter of the Bible.

For the lesson, I focused on Ps 126:3 by asking each kid to share a great thing the Lord has done for them. Many of them even referred to their own salvation or generally referred to Jesus dying on the cross for their sin. Some of the kids that normally don’t raise their hands were excited to do so; that was pleasing to my heart and encouraging to my spirit.  There was a variety of responses, though, and I hope it provoked thought in them!

Finally, I taught them a hymn and challenged them to memorize it. They had no accompaniment nor printed lyrics; they had to learn it simply hearing me say/sing it. They sounded so beautiful I had to record it! Thank God I did.

2 thoughts on “Psalm 126 – Are you glad for what the Lord has done for you?”

  1. I loved the video! Thanks for sharing it! Im so happy Austen was there last night for the first time in a while too.

  2. Me too. He raised his hand and was real excited to share, but then someone took the thing he was going to say so he had to come up with something else. He said his brothers were something he was glad that the Lord had provided. And I said his brothers have a pretty great brother too!

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