Ok, this is a bit off the beaten path, but tonight during the adult prayer meeting, it was my privilege to work with the children. Normally I preach for 30-40 minutes (they are a great practice audience), but since they already sat through Pastor Cuenin’s “Wednesday mini,” I figured I’d cut them a break. We had two new girls there, so I made sure to present the plan of salvation in Christ alone, then we wrote “Bible Haiku.” Please enjoy!

David’s coat was many colors
Moses was a good leader
Jesus died for our sins
Moriah age 7
Moses was a baby
3 wise men saw the baby
Jesus love babies
Luke age 7
Noah built an ark
he brought animals with him
there was a great storm
Bailey age 9
Jesus died for me
on the cross he bore my sins
suffering my shame
Michael age 34
Genesis is true
Adam and Eve walked with God
then disobeyed Him
Michael age 34
crucifixion time
Christ on the cross for sinners
and he rose again
Alexandra age 6
Jesus rose again
Jesus died on the cross for
our sins…Jesus loves us
Nicholas age 7
Jesus died for me
Jesus was nailed to a cross
Samson’s hair was cut
Samuel age 9
Noah brought a few animals
Jesus loves the little children
there was a big flood
Jayden age 9
Adam and Eve sinned
God created a Heaven
Noah built an ark
Taylor age 10
Abraham’s promise
fulfilled in his seed the Christ
Jesus, Sovereign Lord
Michael age 34
when Jesus was a
baby his mommy held him
and loved him so much
Nathan age 4
Proverbs has wisdom
Romans theological
prophetic is Psalms
Michael age 34
Moses a baby
Moses went to the Pharoah
lived in a basket
Caleb age 6
Elijah loves light
fears the command of the queen
laughs at their idols
Michael age 34
Jesus loves us lots
first he died on the cross
then he rose again
Nicholas age 7
Malachi is the
messenger of the Lord God
last O.T. prophet
Michael age 34
husbands love your wives
as Christ loves his church and gave
himself a ransom
Michael age 34

3 thoughts on “Christian Haiku”

  1. Thank you for sharing Bible Haiku with us. The girls and I enjoyed your class very much. When we got home the girls asked for bibles and wanted to know how to read from it. Mrs.Cuenin had sent home with us there Sunday school work papers that required them to look up scripture.It was wonderful.(Was this all by accident?)

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