I was driving home from work today (August 12, 2011) and we were slowing down on the interstate due to traffic. I noticed a broken down vehicle ahead of me on the left (I was in the left lane as well).

So as I slowed down near the car I called out, “Do you need any help?” I couldn’t quite understand the response so I pulled over to help either way. I got out of the car and asked the 2 men if they needed anything. They replied, with heavy accents, that they were waiting for a tow truck, but it hadn’t come. I looked up the number of another tow truck company in my phone and shared it with them.

Then I reached in my car and grabbed two Bezeugen tract club tracts. I handed each man a tract and told them to have a great day. One of the guys said, “What’s this?”

“A gospel tract,” I replied. He appeared a bit confused. I further explained, “it tells about Jesus Christ.” Now he was interested. He seemed to understand. I said, “Do you believe in God?”

“We are muslim,” he quickly retorted.

“Oh. So you believe allah is god and he is one and he has no son, right? And I believe God is One and He has a son named Jesus, who IS God.”

He reminded me that Islam teaches that muhammed and jesus are messengers from God. I let him know that no one can rationally believe the bible and the quran. They seemed to be a little annoyed, but grateful for my kindness to help. I asked them if they had bibles and they said no, they used a friend’s bible.

So I popped my trunk and reached in my ‘evangelism’ bag for a couple bibles. Neither of them would take one. Finally, I decided I wanted these guys to be able to get a hold of me, so I reached back in the bad for a tract printed by my church. I was sure I had seen them when I reached in for the bibles.

Then, to my amazement and to the glory of God alone, I pulled out a single tract. It was another Bezeugen tract, one I had only received about 5 of and I was sure I had none of these left. It was the tract about the Bible, the quran and the book of mormon. Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for His grace and mercy. I handed it to the man and told him where he could visit our church.

Please pray for these two men if you have access to the Father through Christ today.

5 thoughts on “Again – God is sovereign over all”

  1. WOW! That is awesome. Thanks for sharing. It is amazing. As I was reading I was thinking “too bad you didn’t have that true false tract we made” and sure enough there it was to hand to them. Will be praying for them.

  2. Praise Him for His providence in our lives and for your obedience in sharing truth. Appreciate you, brother, and I will pray for these men. Blessings.

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