This is Michael Coughlin’s presentation at the first ever Psalm 117 Mini Conference held at Berean Baptist Church in Pickerington, OH. This conference was a preparation time of fellowship, teaching, prayer and strategy for our first leg of The Biggest Project. Our task: To distribute 2,500 The Biggest Question DVD’s at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Witnessing to folks with compassion for their condition and the condition of their loved ones.

Why should we have compassion when evangelizing? Is that the same as friendship evangelism?

Join Michael Coughlin and Berean Baptist Church at the first ever Psalm 117 Mini Conference and hear from Luke 10, the story of the Good Samaritan!

Thanks for listening.

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I will add that in the message I share that I do not think our small team would possibly distribute all 2,500 DVD’s provided by Wretched…and we ended up passing them all out so quickly that we had time to pass out tracts as well.

One thought on “Compassion for the Lost”

  1. Michael,
    Thank you for this message. It hits straight to my heart. It has been a challenge for me to balance compassion for others in meeting their needs (feeding,financially, physically, etc), because I think we just need to be preaching the Gospel. This message is a great encouragement. He has been teaching me how to share the Gospel as well as try and meet needs. It’s a new arena for me. Great word. I appreciate your heart and am really impressed by this message. Thank you for your faithfulness for Him. I love you brother.

    LOL- Also, it’s funny to see how you didn’t think the DVDs would get distributed. LOL, God is great and we are not!

    Keep shining for HIM and sharing with us!


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