You can see the crowds waiting to cross Olentangy River Rd. Hundreds of people every 5 minutes.

On the morning of August 31, 2013, Fred Triplett and I ventured to Ohio State to witness for Jesus Christ to the crowds prior to the Buckeyes opener.

Our trip was excellent. I brought my speaker and stand. I probably preached for about 2 hours of the time. I did attempt a recording and the quality was so poor I decided not to post it online.

I read Isaiah 53, parts of Matthew 5 & 27-28 and 1 John 1 in the open air. My goal when open air preaching, especially in the context I saw today (hundreds of people ambling by every 5 minutes), is to get back to the gospel every few minutes and remind people of the excellencies of Christ.

We had our share of haters, but not very many. There were several encouraging people as well. Fred passed out hundreds of tracts, and stood holding his cross for a long time while I preached.

This young man, Daniel, was with a church that was selling cold drinks. They were kind enough to give us each a bottle of water! Fred is showing Daniel websites which combat the popular “sinner’s prayer” mode of evangelism which Daniel told us his church practices.

Please pray for a man named Robin who heard the word preached and talked to me for a while. It was a good conversation, and he took it as a personal challenge that he should be reading the bible. Pray God will convert him.

The police came, but not for us. They had a problem with the church which was street vending. I’m not sure the problem though. I took the opportunity to preach very loudly while the police were there. They did not obstruct the preaching one bit. In fact, I noticed them listening – probably because I used them as an illustration of law enforcement as I transitioned to God’s Law in my preaching.

Police presence (and ghosts)!

Overall it was a good day. The Word was faithfully preached and Fred and I enjoyed the time together and sharing with the lost. I found a “good” parking spot which should be available for the future. It was not very far away and wasn’t as expensive as I was prepared to pay.

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