I had an interesting twitter conversation with a kind man named Brian today. It was predicated upon my shame that one of the leaders of a ministry called AWANA is publicly endorsing the Heaven is for Real garbage movie. You can read the thread here, click the links I provided in my tweets and, hopefully, see the problem that Brian had even defending his endorsement.
Here’s a snippet:
4-17-2014 12-47-36 PM

Click here to see the ENTIRE thread.

May I commend Brian for what I would call decent behavior in a world where online disagreements “escalate quickly.”

As a side note, EVERYONE is teaching something, and directly teaching something falsely about God is WAY worse than teaching me falsely about diet or rainforests, etc. Let me know what you think of the thread and if you read the book or saw the movie what you think.

If you think I cannot judge this book or movie because I haven’t read it, then I’d challenge you to go watch every porn video on sale at the local pervert adult bookstore and not judge the contents until you’ve watched.

And if you are one of the people who claims to be a Christian and cannot find what is wrong with this movie or book, contact me. I will help you. I’ll get my pastor to help you. I won’t mock you for ‘missing’ it. It is OK to not be very discerning, IF you have the humility to admit it and the desire to be taught. Don’t make the same mistake as the Sadducees (Matthew 22:23-33).

God’s Word is sufficient. If that statement bothers you, your problem is not with me. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Heaven is for Real is not for Real”

  1. I actually went to see this in the theater. For research. I almost never go to the movies.

    This film was so bad as to make any overstatement of it’s unbilical nature nearly impossible. A new age nightmare. I couldn’t get outta there fast enough.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Greg! I always appreciate your input on other blogs and my own! I’m sorry you had to see it, but I guess it is good someone did so they can tell us about it.

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