I am far more concerned that we have homosexuals as leading or influential individuals in corporations, government and schools than I am about Michael Sam and the hoopla surrounding his draft. There is a clear sense in Romans 1 that homosexual and other perversions of God’s design for sex indicate a debased mind. I have to wonder (and assume) if that debased mind is also incapable of good judgement in areas which would be seemingly disassociated from sexual orientation.

I understand that the religious right (which includes all sorts of wicked characters) didn’t want to see two men kiss on TV and have it endorsed by the NFL and ESPN, etc. I am totally on board with the fact that it isn’t about his sexuality and is not actually about football.

But think about it for a second, why should it bother you so much that a publicly homosexual man plays a professional sport (which he may not end up doing)? This guy is a pawn in a greater battle, sure, but what about the people championing his existence and sexual orientation? What about homosexuals in positions of influence and authority in our government or major financial institutions? My point is that you should be at least as concerned or outraged by every other instance of a homosexual being employed if an NFL player’s sexuality matters.

Aren’t there dozens of NFL leaders, ESPN editors, etc., who are promoting him? The lack of good judgement shown by these folks is more concerning. Michael Sam’s prowess as an NFL player will do very little to influence society. He isn’t going to make any laws (or change existing laws), he won’t make big financial decisions for corporations and he isn’t going to be teaching children in a daycare or school. Yes, he is wrong to be homosexual, but he isn’t the main problem.

I agree and hate the media circus surrounding all this. I understand the logical failures going on. But isn’t it a logical failure to suddenly be enraged that a corporation which consistently promotes alcohol use, mostly naked dancing girls and profanity seems to be quite ok with another form of evil, homosexuality? Isn’t the NFL just the product of the fan base? They are not selling something people do not want. And why does it bother you more that a homosexual man is flaunting it, but most of the NFL is unmarried fathers, drug users adulterers and revelers.

Michael Sam is nobody. He’s worse than nobody, he’s a nobody who’s been made a somebody so he’s even more self-deceived about his own merit than when he was in the closet. He is now in the spotlight, and while Christian bloggers everywhere are re-proving what’s already been said about the whole “gay debate” there are thousands of other evildoers walking before our eyes and having a greater impact on our society and culture, and, inevitably I’m afraid, God’s judgement on our nation.

So pray without ceasing. Pray for your government representatives. Pray for teachers, police officers, CEOs. Pray for the religious right who will stand on the right side of this issue until the day they die and face the same angry God who will cast homosexuals into the lake of fire. God can and will continue to save souls, and Sam’s pathetic and irrational choice to thrust himself into the spotlight may be just the topic of conversation which will be the open door you need to dispense the gospel to a neighbor, coworker or family member.

One thought on “Michael Sam is the Least of Your Worries”

  1. Yes and yes for increase the Lord withus and in the Holy Spirit amd we decrease with to be crusified our flesh and our old man in to be give more of glory with us and in the word of God,in Jesus name ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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