I would like to clarify my belief concerning whether one would be morally justified in taking the life of an abortionist.

As I am already on record as saying in 2011 (See here, last 4 paragraphs), I in no way am an advocate for the murder of an abortionist or even anyone involved in abortion.

To clarify further, I am referring to individuals choosing to execute their idea of justice (even if their idea comes from the Bible). I am not opposed to the government criminalizing the act of abortion. Subsequently, I would not be opposed if abortion was classified as premeditated murder, worthy of the death sentence – as executed by the government.

Recently, my attention was drawn to a blog post where I thought the morality of killing an abortionist during the act was ambiguous, at best. My further request for clarification on twitter by the author resulted in a number of dear brothers offering concern and correction for what they thought may have been my position.

My twitter interaction with the post’s author was intended to understand why, according to the post in reference, it would be morally wrong to kill an abortionist. What was unsaid and unclear in the twitter interaction is that I already had disagreed with the post’s premises which I believe lead to justified killing. Thus, my interaction was an attempt to get clarification from the author, or to show a clear contradiction to Scripture in the logical result of at least part of the post. I offer a screenshot where I highlighted the portion which I found to possibly support murder of an abortionist:

P&P Post

It is in regard to the fact that I would consider any abortionist in the act of abortion to fit this description that I posed my questions. I am not saying that Pulpit and Pen, in fact, endorses abortionist murder. I am saying that since they do not, this post, and the above paragraph in particular, blurs the lines. If I am the only person who could read this paragraph this way, then I’m sorry about that. It doesn’t appear that’s the case though from what I heard.

I appreciate the kind-hearted brothers who took time from their days to show care for my soul and also confront me and seek clarification. I apologize for my lack of clarity which caused some people to be disturbed.

I believe this 4 year old post is still worthy of your reading. I offer this quote below for your encouragement.

I trust that the preaching of the gospel and fervent prayer are the two greatest acts that anyone can do on behalf of the unborn.

4 thoughts on “Whether It is Morally Justified to Kill”

  1. It is odd that anyone would apply the above to abortion clinics, when the context was about personal self-defense and, in particular, someone breaking into your home. I think people have too much time on their hands to raise complaint.

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