Mike Stockwell Encouragment Fund

As you may have heard, Mike Stockwell of Cross Country Evangelism was recently found Guilty in a court in the UK due to his faithful preaching of the gospel.

The prosecution is seeking approximately $5,000 in fines between Mike and his preaching partner, Mike Overd.

If you would like to donate money to help Mike with any expenses at all, use the link below and in the comments put, Mike Stockwell.  Your donation will go to a 501c3 non-profit where I can transfer the funds to Mike’s very easily.

This is simply a love gift for Mike, regardless of how things end up with the court and fines.  Mike solely lives off the donations of good folks like you, so I’m sure any gift will help him with his life and ministry.

Thanks for considering encouraging this brother in the Lord and sharing his burden.

(Please do put Mike Stockwell in the description field so I know if your donation is for Mike or another purpose)



This link seems to have a lot of detailed information about the trial and verdict. Link

9 Responses to “Mike Stockwell Encouragment Fund”

  1. Eric McCarroll JR says:

    Hey my brother, you can call me anytime or email me. And I will be praying for you.

  2. Michael says:

    Here is an update, as of about 4pm Wednesday (3/1), we have raised almost $3,000 for Mike!

  3. Todd says:

    Maybe some of us can approach the elders of their congregation and see if the church can either give a love lift by way of offering or by way of elders/deacons fund. I know congregations that sit on $200,000.00 who could surely spare $1,000.00. But if 10 congregations helped the load could be shared evenly. There has to be an easy way to reach out to 10 congregations when on youtube, one silly video can get thousands of hits in a day.

  4. Dan McCleary says:

    Maybe a GoFundMe page can be set up to raise money for them. I have never done one but am ready and willing to help do so if you need me.

    • Michael says:


      As this rather informal campaign has raised 2,600 already for Mike (with more promised), I don’t think any additional crowd sourcing campaign is necessary.

      I will write another post explaining why I would not use GoFundMe anyway, for the education of the saints. That’s a good question and I have a couple reasons why I would or wouldn’t use GoFundMe or YouCaring.

      • Dan McCleary says:

        Hi Mike, Thanks for taking the time to respond. I also read your blog post on crowd-sourcing campaigns. No worries. I totally see your point. I just thought it might be a way to reach a bigger number of people.

  5. Glenn Parker says:

    Delighted to help my brother Mike. May God use this situation to draw unbelievers to Christ.

  6. Zach says:

    How does someone become a regular donor for Mike?

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