Dear reader, the question this article proposes to answer is, “Why would I go to a Christian worship event to preach?”

Do I just want to start trouble?

Is this literally a form of preaching to the choir?

Do I believe only that only I and 14 other Calvinists on the internet are the “true church?”

Please join me along with my friend Brandon Hines as we lay out a case for why Christian street preaching and evangelism is not only acceptable outside a Christian worship event, but why in fact, it is necessary outside many events designated as Christian worship events.

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2 thoughts on “Preaching to the Choir?”

  1. For many years I listen to Christian music thinking I was saved and also have went to these concerts that was aimed at the youth and I was one of the many who were there to talk to the kids that came forward and found the ones I talk to were saved at all. One little boy thought he was saved because he was the pastors son. Then we see the mixed messages of the Gospel just out talking to people on the street. It’s a sad world.

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