September 16, 2017 was a record day for attendance at the Ohio Stadium where the Army Black Nights visited for a college football game.

The attendance record was set when 12 total evangelists showed up to help. Including me there were 13 of us there to serve Christ and the lost!

I want to thank, Cory, Fred, both men named Mark S, Luke, Nick, Alexandra, Kenton, Joshua, Rachael, Caleb and Rick! Cory, one of the Marks, Joshua, Caleb and I all preached. At one point we were preaching on 3 separate corners of the large intersection of Lane and Olentangy River Rd!

The crowd was typical. 15% encouraging Christians, 5% rude or profane haters who mocked or scoffed and 80% apparently indifferent. But we know that God’s Word is powerful (Heb 4:12), and we trust that God will not let His lost sheep stay lost! Pray for God’s elect who visited Ohio State that day to be regenerated by the power of the Holy Spirit! I mean it, pray now even!

Hundreds of tracts were passed out, and we estimate at least 20,000 people heard the gospel. We preached for over 3 hours and had a steady flow of traffic!

One of the men on our team who is new to street preaching wrote the following message. What a wonderful God Jesus Christ our Lord is to be encouraging this young man and using me and my team to do so.

I want to take a minute to thank you for the opportunity of ministering with you the last couple weekends at the OSU games. As I shared with you when we first talked on the phone, I had a desire to extend my personal ministry to the street, and I truly believe God led me to be trained by your and your team.

You have shown me that its not only important to “work” for the Lord, but also to selflessly “labor” for the Lord. As I have found so far, this is a very challenging and intimidating ministry at times, but I also see through your example that this is a very rewarding work. I am proud to continue to serve and learn more about this ministry with you, and I thank you and your team for accepting me and making me feel so welcome!

God Bless,

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