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  1. I just read your review of Risen. Which was interesting but I had a question. Did you go from stating false Christian systems such as Catholicism wouldn’t have a problem with it… to a comment about how much you have in common with the faithful catholic? Im confused. The faithful catholic is the one who believes in shared redemption, sinlessness of Mary, transubstantiation, sacerdotal system, earned righteousness, merited grace, papal infallibilty, not to mention the faithful catholic would/should/better adhere to the anathemas.
    So clear me up on this- I had to cut and edit your article to use in my bible study so as not to confuse participants.

    1. Tony – That is an EXCELLENT catch. I had to go reread my review and try to figure out what I meant!

      For those who have not read it, it is here.

      Tony is referring to a sentence at the end where I wrote: “how much we have in common with faithful Roman Catholics, and how that should affect our evangelism.”

      What I mean by this sentence is that if you study what it is that the RCC believes and what born-again Christians believe, you will find a number of things which we would agree upon and use the same terminology for – therefore, we need to consider these things in our evangelism.

      For example, if you asked a faithful RC if they “believe the Bible,” “trust Jesus for forgiveness of sins,” or “believe Jesus is God” or that “Jesus resurrected” – you would get a “Yes” answer. But we both know that we need to be able to ask better questions to expose where a Roman Catholic differs.

      My point was the movie did not do an effective job of making these differences clear (as you did in your comment!), so a Catholic would not walk away from that movie offended and challenged to believe the gospel, but rather, they could applaud and Amen the movie…unlike a Muslim could, for example.

      Thanks for asking the question and letting me clarify. I hope that satisfies your curiosity. I appreciate you using my article in your Bible study – please assure the participants I’m “still protesting.” 🙂

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