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Preachers of All Ages – Maryland @ tOSU Outreach

The God we serve is infinitely amazing. He graciously gave us a wonderful day to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ before Ohio State trounced overcame a tough Maryland football team! Here is a photo of the men who joined me Saturday except for Mark Seward who had already left by the time the photo […]

I Tried Friendship Evangelism and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

This is my report from the pre-game evangelism at tOSU on 9/23/2017. If you are only interested in the friendship evangelism part of the story, scroll down until you see “Finally.” Sept 23, 2017 was another day of fruitful ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ at Ohio Stadium. The Buckeyes took on the UNLV Running […]

Army @ Ohio State Outreach Report

September 16, 2017 was a record day for attendance at the Ohio Stadium where the Army Black Nights visited for a college football game. The attendance record was set when 12 total evangelists showed up to help. Including me there were 13 of us there to serve Christ and the lost! I want to thank, […]

Better Sooner than Later – OU@OSU Outreach Report

On September 9, 2017 the first outreach to the Ohio State Buckeyes home football games for the 2107 season occurred. Here are some highlights of the wonderful day our gracious God provided for us. First, one of the hardest things about outreaches is getting people to commit. Every time we go out to proclaim the gospel […]

Rape, Incest and Abortion

On Facebook, someone posted “Can a Christian be pro-choice on the abortion issue?” The ensuing responses were varied. I ended up in a bit of an argument with one of the commenters. Here’s the comment thread if you want some background to my comments. Clicking the screenshot will take you to the Facebook post.   […]

All Have Sinned

Once again the good folks at the Veritas Domain are letting me post. Here is my latest post about the verse “all have sinned” which had an unexpected meaning: Romans 3:23 is perhaps one of the most popular verses I have heard in evangelism. I have used it myself to point out to folks that […]

Open Air Preaching from Home

I am sure you’ve heard of “working from home.” But have you heard of open air preaching from home? I want to share what I think was a singularly unique experience to me. Maybe you’ll think so, too! My 3 year old son Wesley had just gone outside into the backyard. My teenagers were on […]