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Be a discouraging Christian, please!

There is so much talk about being an encourager. In fact, just mouse over Ephesians 6:22, Colossians 4:8, 1 Thessalonians 5:14 and you can quickly surmise that God is all about encouraging others. So why would I tell you to be a discourager? Allow me to explain what I mean. About 33 years ago, Brian […]

Monumental Movie Review

Plenty of reviews of monumental have been posted. I ended up writing a friend an email about the movie and wanted to simply post my thoughts for the entire internet and the 15 people who read my blog (my wife promises me she doesn’t just click 15 times). There is more than just a review. […]

What is going to happen to the Denver Broncos for signing Manning and trading Tebow?

I live close to World Harvest Church so I occasionally predict the future especially when it concerns non-SEC football. I also know more about the Denver Broncos than anyone else, at least for the purposes of this story. Manning will lead his Broncos to a 14-2 record this year. Constant comparisons will be made to […]

Do you want free stuff?

There are a number of restaurants out there with “birthday clubs,” but only a few of them actually provide you with something for free without requiring a purchase on your part. I am compiling this list to help others who would like to dine out inexpensively! Note, this list is not comprehensive. I believe a […]

The relentless pursuit of lent…

It is that time of year again. I think it begins 40 days before the holiday called Easter. Within a few facebook conversations, the topic has arisen. Here are my thoughts on Lent. 1. Lent as a Catholic religious observance is as useless and sinful as all other Catholic or false religious rites. This is […]

Congressional Birth Control Hearing Involves Exactly Zero People Who Have a Uterus

Alright, I normally don’t like to link to articles that I don’t personally endorse, but to understand the context, you may have to read this link. WARNING – there are articles and images on there that may offend you, including immodesty. Nevertheless, I wondered about the headline “Congressional Birth Control Hearing Involves Exactly Zero People […]

Movie Theater Witnessing

I planned to go out witnessing the first Saturday of 2012. My initial plan was to go to my normal fishing spot, downtown Columbus. There is plenty of foot traffic in the “bar district” to provide a lot of opportunity to distribute tracts and get into witnessing encounters. But last night, as I was on […]