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He’s In a Better Place

Some of you may have heard of my old friend, Gregg Kerr, who died a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, I was privileged to visit with his family before the funeral. I was so happy to see how many people came in attendance. Although I wondered, if the same number of people had expressed more […]

You Need a Budget!

Many of you may know of my family’s recent success with learning to control our spending. One of the best tools I’ve every seen is a software program called You Need a Budget. Normally, this software is available for a free 34 day use, then $60 to purchase. It is worth every penny, IMO. But […]

A Little Fun for Today

As an I.T. professional, I get some, um, shall I say random questions from time to time. This one came this morning on my IM. (Instant Messenger) Coworker: STUPID QUESTION TIME- is there a way top make my keyboard silent? Me: Tap it three times on the left, then three times on the right, then […]

Are ALL Bedroom Activities OK?

Whatever you do in bed, Sealy supports it. That is a recent ad my wife brought to my attention. I don’t think it requires a whole lot of imagination to see that it is in reference to “homosexuality.” My response is this: “Do you support me judging homosexuals in my own bed?”

5 Minutes of God’s Goodness

My good friend (and one of the best preachers/teachers I know), Tony Miano – retweeted this challenge from Geoff Kirkland on Twitter: TRY THIS: take 5 minutes & write out (or type out) ALL the ways that God's goodness has manifested itself to you! Get started… #Thank #God — Geoffrey Kirkland (@GeoffKirkland) June 21, 2013 […]

Quick Reminders About Discipline.

Here are some things that help me when I have to consider how to discipline my children. I added bold text to highlight the “take home” in each point for you if you’re interested in a quick list! Discipline is supposed to be about love for the child. My actions and methods must be tempered […]

Humility is Not Just a Word

Humility is not just a word; in a sense it is an action. None of us will likely “attain” in this life, but I offer this photo I took recently at a church. It is one of my first attempts at “photoshopping.” How’d I do? By the way, the parking spaces already had the labels […]