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Moderation in Everything…except Moderation!

Moderation in everything…except moderation, that must be exercised extremely! Isn’t that the implication of the first half of the statement? Makes you wonder if it is true or useful…

Funny Tweets about Liberals

Saw this (#WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals) trending today…picked out my faves: #WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals Guns allow their users to avoid becoming a victim. Liberals want everyone to be a victim. — LambChop (@21LambChop) January 7, 2013 #WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals They dont ask me to pay for their birth control. — Lala (@Lalazever) January 7, 2013 #WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals Both make a loud noise but […]

Premillenial & Baptist – Is that really the way?

I figure if Jesus was premillennial, and his cousin was a Baptist, then that’s good enough for me. 🙂

The Best #EndOfTheWorldConfession(s) #Apocalypse Now?

Ok folks, here are some of my favorite tweets as everyone considers the Mayan calendar’s predictions…. Here’s a summary of the entire thing: Everywhere you go, people are making Apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow. — Gene Clyatt (@Shinar_Squirrel) December 21, 2012 This is what I’m doing too! sitting here reading all of the #endoftheworldconfession […]

Random pix & Evangelism love

I took a few pictures recently (2 of them were taken of me), and I wanted to share with you. Often when you evangelize, you get unique opportunities to talk to people you normally wouldn’t see, or approach… I’m not sure what to say – this guy basically had underroos on the outside of his […]


“Nothing humbles me like pondering the fact that the One who I mocked and mistreated the most willingly chose to die to pay for the mocking and mistreatment. Amazing.” –Erin Coughlin (my bride) My wife wrote this today, and I found it irresistibly quotable.

Vest for Life Poker Run

Jaime Padron joined the United States Marine Corp the summer he graduated high school in 1989. While in the Marine Corp, he received numerous recognitions, commendations and medals for serving his country honorably. He was a Veteran of Desert Storm and a very proud Marine. He graduated from San Angelo Police academy in 1995 and bravely served the City of San Angelo for over 13 years as a patrol officer and also served as a member of the gang unit and a narcotics investigator. Jaime received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a supporting degree in Criminal Justice, graduating with honors from Angelo State University in 2004 all while working a full time job and raising a family. He was a compassionate and caring man, who loved spending quality time with his family and his every devotion in life was for his daughters.

According to his obituary, he had a passion for Harley Davidson motorcycles and loved riding often and collecting memorabilia.