Greetings! If I have invited you to this page it is because you or a/the man in your life is being recruited to my Super Bowl Outreach evangelism team. Please read!4

From Feb 1 – Feb 4, 2018, the annual Super Bowl Outreach by Sports Fan Outreach International will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is a unique opportunity to minister the gospel to tens of thousands of souls in a short period. If you want the gospel proclaimed through preaching, tracts and one on ones, this event fulfills your desire!

There are basically three ways you can help. Pray, pay and play!

Pray – that God would raise up laborers for this harvest and save souls.

Pay – for others to go. The most common reason I’m give that men do not go on a trip like this with me is the financial burden. To help others, click here.

Play! – Ok, there really is no playing involved. This is serious hard work, but in order to alliterate and rhyme, I had to do something. The point is that someone needs to actually accompany me to mission field and proclaim the gospel alongside me and my team. Is that you? Is that your spouse? What are you willing to sacrifice to get the gospel to the mass number of people who will flock to MN for the Super Bowl? I would ask that you pray about attending this outreach or how you can help and see what work God does in your heart and read the three article linked below.

Whatever your level of interest, contact me at the link below and I will work with you.

Click here to contact me.

Below is a three part series meant to answer questions for you about the Super Bowl and prepare you. Please read it.

The Decision

The Commitment

The Follow Through