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Sunday School Series – Fruit

This week, the Lord allowed me to begin teaching a Sunday School series with the adults at my church. I have titled the series, “fruit.” My intention is to dig into Galatians 5:22-23, inspecting each attribute listed, but before we can do that, I thought it wise to lay a groundwork concerning the relationship between […]

Prayer, God’s Sovereignty & Praying in the Name of Jesus

Listen to the conclusion of the teaching on witchcraft in regard to “the prayer of Jabez.” Some questions to consider when reviewing the disciple’s prayer: 1. Is it okay to repeat yourself in your prayers? 2. Is it okay to pray in public? Can we pray with others? 3. Why pray if God is sovereign? […]

Funny Tweets about Liberals

Saw this (#WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals) trending today…picked out my faves: #WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals Guns allow their users to avoid becoming a victim. Liberals want everyone to be a victim. — LambChop (@21LambChop) January 7, 2013 #WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals They dont ask me to pay for their birth control. — Lala (@Lalazever) January 7, 2013 #WhyGunsAreBetterThanLiberals Both make a loud noise but […]

Compassion for the Lost

This is Michael Coughlin’s presentation at the first ever Psalm 117 Mini Conference held at Berean Baptist Church in Pickerington, OH. This conference was a preparation time of fellowship, teaching, prayer and strategy for our first leg of The Biggest Project. Our task: To distribute 2,500 The Biggest Question DVD’s at the Susan G. Komen […]