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Windows 10 Icon Removal and PERSONAL.XLSB Movement

I had a rather productive afternoon on my computer. If anyone needs help with these items, please contact me and I’ll help you. Long story short, here is what I accomplished: I can’t stand the Windows 10 upgrade icon in the system tray (lower right). I had removed it before by uninstalling and hiding a […]

Steve Jobs’ Final Wish

I don’t know a lot about Steve Jobs. I watched Pirates of Silicon Valley and have bought a few iPods. I had never met the man: so how do I propose to know his last wish?

Delete duplicates in Excel

Once in a while I want to write an article on technology. Here is the first one.

Have you ever had a large dataset (or small) that you imported into Excel somehow and you just want to remove all the rows that duplicate on a certain column? Here’s a couple quick macros you can use to solve your problem. Just copy and paste this code into a module in Excel VBA and run them like any other macro.