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The Patience of God

You can listen to my teaching, “The Patience of God” in the player below. This was presented at Berean Baptist Church, Sunday March 28, 2010. If the player is not working or you would like to download the teaching, use the link below. The Patience of God

Presuppose no apology for presuppositional apologetics.

As the title depicts, I do not intend to tell you I’m sorry for practicing what is commonly called presuppositional apologetics. I am going to instead try to provide a working definition of this term, an explanation of its use and prove as well that all men actually employ a form of it. This has been done by several others better than I, but in my effort to write prolifically, I’ve found that most topics have already been written about! Thus, I’m destined to repeat subject matter.

Psalm 126 – Are you glad for what the Lord has done for you?

Last night I had the kids at AWANA read Psalms 126. 6 verses divided among 6 of the kids with the rest listening and reading along. Then I made a big deal about the fact that they had just read a WHOLE chapter of the Bible.

What is the gospel?

But what is the gospel, truly? If it is to be translated as “good news,” isn’t there to be some relation to a provision for the man hearing it for it to be good news? I mean, to approach another and tell them you have good news, and then relate your car insurance savings…well, it’s clear that’s not necessarily good news to the hearer! Of course the good news must be good to the hearer as well, in some cases whether he knows/believes it or not.

My first Blog Post!

Welcome to my blog.  I’m super new at this and hoping to make this worthwhile.  Please forgive me as the site is under construction!! I have some old stuff I’m going to be moving to here, as well as regularly adding articles, I hope. Click below to see me Open Air Preaching for the first […]