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On Boycotts and Starbucks

Nathan Busenitz offered a take on the “Starbucks” controversy over at the Cripplegate. He compared a Starbucks boycott due to the executive public proclamation that Starbucks generally supported gay marriage to the meat sacrificed to idols concept from Paul’s writings. Let us note that Starbucks as an organization through their actions, the verbage on their […]

Home Run – Movie Review

I was privileged to see a preview of the soon to be public movie, Home Run. For those of you who are considering seeing it, I offer my review. I promise, NO SPOILERS. I will proceed with the same three measuring sticks I have used in the past to try to judge the merit of […]

Evangelists without a Cause

Sunday night, my pastor continued his verse by verse exposition of Matthew. Coming upon Matthew 9, we arrived at a particularly interesting verse: (Matthew 9:30-31 ESV) 30 And their eyes were opened. And Jesus sternly warned them, “See that no one knows about it.” 31 But they went away and spread his fame through all that district. […]

My Rejection of QJV Onlylism

A horrifying new version of the bible has been released. There are mixed reviews of this book, even among expected supporters (see Amazon listing). The bottom line is this: the editors of this bible took a select number of verses which condemn homosexuality, re-interpreted them in a fashion which does not condemn homosexuality, then called […]

Report Concerning 180 Day @OhioState

To start, let me provide a little background information about how this entire project started. On Thursday, September 27, I received an email containing the following: We have a donor who is interested in getting 1000 “180” DVD’s into the hands of young voters on college campuses in time for them to understand the content […]

Some Things Just Don’t Make Sense…

Here’s something that doesn’t make sense to me. There are Christians that do not believe in a literal six day creation, as specified in the book of Genesis and Exodus and testified to by Christ Himself in the New Testament. I’m speaking of born-again Christians who hold the Bible to be inerrant, not just anyone […]

Miami (OH) @ The Ohio State University & Why I’m Rooting for Michigan

September 1, 2012. The Redhawks of Miami University (not “The U”) are visiting Columbus to face off against Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes. The Tressel era is over. Memories of Appalachian State vs. That Team Up North swirl in my head. Hopefully, we’ll be ready to play. But I had a different mission today than to watch […]