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My Preaching Journal:

I am missing some entries, I don’t always write when I preach and I don’t always preach when I evangelize!

07/02/2010 – Met Don and a couple other guys at Red, White and Boom and got in a Calvinism-Arminianism discussion. Nevertheless, hours later I saw them at Broad and High and they asked me if I wanted to preach and I said, “Yes!” They handed me the microphone and let me preach a few minutes of the gospel. Praise Jesus.

04/14/2010 – Met Kris Estep at T4G and we went to a different location than yesterday. Pastor came again as well and was inspired himself. I read Romans 3 and this led me to the gospel much better. I was unelevated and unamplified and I projected my voice as best I could. I sweated from the heat. I had a handful of stoplight listeners, not sure how willing they were, or if any were unsaved, but one guy, Michael stayed. He asked some good questions. I found out later he is saved and was a attendee of the same conference. I missed Kris’s preaching, but it was fun to have a group.  On a slightly weird note, some guy videotaped me, he went all around me and got 360 degrees worth of video.   Hopefully, God will use that for His glory.

04/13/2010 – Pastor Eric came with me to see me preach in Louisville, KY for the T4G conference. I went to a grassy area and read Hebrews 1 for Project Ezra. This was a very hard chapter and few seemed to listen, although one woman stopped and took a photo of me. The street noise really made it a tough preaching endeavor, with no amplification and no elevation. Praise Jesus for the work HE can and will do through it. I realized after that I never mentioned the resurrection.

04/04/2010 – Read John 19-20 for about 20 minutes on High Street, same location as yesterday. Far less people heard but my wife was there.

04/03/2010 – Read Matthew 26-28 for about an hour on High Street between Bickel and Goodale. At least 250 heard the Word and the Law and the Gospel preached.

Well, this little idea about keeping a journal didn’t last, but throughout my blog you’ll find reports of my endeavors.

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