Now that you’ve made the decision that you want to go to the Super Bowl. You need to make the commitment. If you have not read the decision yet, please do so.

Many people will say that they do want to go. They’ve prayed, they’ve discussed with their family, and they want to go, but then then don’t commit.

What you need to do is commit yourself to the cause. Because right now, apart from that commitment, the slightest wind in your sails in another direction will turn you away.

So you need to register for the Super Bowl. Even if you don’t have the money yet, you need to start the registration process. Because if you register, you will show your commitment. If you do not register, you will find it very easy to just change your mind later in the game.

You need to ask yourself a question.

What can the devil do at this point to keep me from this commitment?

You need to think through what life events and circumstances would cause you to back out of your decision to proclaim the gospel at the Super Bowl. Death of a loved one? Loss of a job? A sick family member? Tragedy in your church? Financial stress?

Because at this point, to the best of your ability, you’ve decided you believe it is God’s will that you go to the Super Bowl. You’ve prayed, sought godly counsel, gotten support from those who are sending you, maybe even gotten financial help.

So what circumstance which only occurs under the careful hand of our Lord, would cause you to think He’s changed His mind about this? Do you think that He did not know of the life event which you do not yet know about? Did He not already know about your wife’s illness she may have before the Super Bowl when you made this decision? Did He not know about your job situation in late January?

Of course He knows. So what I am asking is how committed are you? Are you committed so long as this costs you very little? Are you committed so long as your wife thinks this is not “bad timing?” Are you committed even if …

That is your challenge, dear friend. You ought to decide this now, before anything happens. And don’t take me as saying that NOTHING can stand in the way of you going to the Super Bowl. That is for each man to decide for himself between Him and God. I can imagine situations in my personal life where I may have to decide that providentially God has given me competing commitments which I could not have predicted and I would have to choose something over the Super Bowl (or any other ministry event). But the point of this post is to prepare you for those.

We live in a culture which no longer sees commitment as important or relevant, and that worldly thinking can leak into our minds as well. Let’s do all we can to look well to our going as a prudent man and prepare ourselves and our close family and friends to follow through with our commitment to the Lord.

Luke 962 Jesus said to him, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.”

Now that you understand the commitment, let’s talk about your follow through.