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The Best #EndOfTheWorldConfession(s) #Apocalypse Now?

Ok folks, here are some of my favorite tweets as everyone considers the Mayan calendar’s predictions…. Here’s a summary of the entire thing: Everywhere you go, people are making Apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow. — Gene Clyatt (@Shinar_Squirrel) December 21, 2012 This is what I’m doing too! sitting here reading all of the #endoftheworldconfession […]

Who Really Took the Lives of the Newtown Victims?

It is with a heavy heart that I write this blog post. As expected, bloggers everywhere have capitalized on the recent shooting; varieties of Tweets/Posts/Articles/Videos and whatever else have been authored, many in an attempt to provide insight or healing; some to call the nation to awareness and others, simply to try to generate ratings […]

Christmas, Cowards and Killing

November 24, 2012. Today I led a team of Christians to share the gospel with folks outside the Ohio State vs Michigan game. About 8 of us went to OSU’s campus from 8:45-11:45 am. I preached the entire time, while others passed out tracts or preached on another corner. After watching the first three quarters […]

Report Concerning 180 Day @OhioState

To start, let me provide a little background information about how this entire project started. On Thursday, September 27, I received an email containing the following: We have a donor who is interested in getting 1000 “180” DVD’s into the hands of young voters on college campuses in time for them to understand the content […]

Random pix & Evangelism love

I took a few pictures recently (2 of them were taken of me), and I wanted to share with you. Often when you evangelize, you get unique opportunities to talk to people you normally wouldn’t see, or approach… I’m not sure what to say – this guy basically had underroos on the outside of his […]

You Want Better Relationships? Try This…

Have you ever heard someone described as a person who is “just looking for a reason?” Or a person who is “looking for a fight?” It seems a common occurrence that folks are basically “ready for battle.” Often, the people who encounter these types do very little to set them off. Some people are just […]

Would you support Chic-Fil-A if…

If we Christians spent as much time working on our marriages as we do fussing about #Chicfila, people might actually listen to us. — Rob Tucker (@FriarTuckerx6) August 2, 2012 Twitter has been flooded with hundreds, probably thousands of tweets, including the #chicfila hashtag. It is all the rage right now for people to throw […]